Red Fang Tavern, 80 Durham Street, Sudbury, Ontario

November 2, 2019 - November has arrived!! Here's where you can catch us playing this month!! Cheers and stay warm out there Saturday the 9th @ The Asylum SudburySaturday the 23rd @ the RED FANG TAVERN November 11, 2019 - Thank you to The Asylum Sudbury having us Saturday night! Next, we hit the RED FANG TAVERN on Saturday, November 23rd! *November 12, 2019 

November 13, 2019 - I finished knitting another toque earlier this morning and felt eager to show y'all! I will have a bunch in various colours ready to add to our merch stand at our RED FANG TAVERN show on Saturday, November 23rd! I will also start selling them online within a few days so keep an eye out for the announcement! Have a great day out there and stay cozy! November 16, 2019 - What covers would you like us to hear us play? Here's some Pink Floyd. You can catch us at the RED FANG next Saturday, November 23rd, playing a mix of original music and classic covers of the 60s and 70s!! *November 23, 2019 - About to head downtown to the RED FANG to play some music with Andrew, and Jacob at 10:30pm. We will be selling our new merch toques, hand knitted by yours truly, for the first time tonight at the show. **November 28, 2019 - I sold my first couple of toques when we played the RED FANG TAVERN this past Saturday! I am selling them for $40(tax included) if you buy one in person at a show, and $50(tax and shipping included if you live in Ontario) if you'd like me to send one to you. Please shoot me a message, or email me at if you are interested in ordering a custom knitted toque.

No cover fee