1. Alright

From the recording Alright

Alright (5:27)
Written and composed in August 2016 by Chanelle Albert.
Lead & Backup Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussions: Chanelle Albert
Recorded, Mixed, & Produced by Chanelle Albert. Sudbury, ON, Canada.
Album Artwork designed by Chanelle Albert. Photo taken by Sylvie Albert.
© & ℗ 2018 Chanelle Albert.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, copying and rental of this recording is prohibited by law.


She ain’t got nothing, nothing but time/And these silly thoughts racing through her mind/In her sleep she walks through streets/Living in some far-off dream/And oh, how you wonder when she knocks upon your door /Singing Ladidada…/You open up, she steps inside/Inside your home, inside your mind/In the next room there’s a record playing/She starts to dance and she starts to sway/And oh, how she staggers as she moves across your floor/Singing ladidada…/She turns and says/Hey man I’ll make you feel alright /If you help me through the night/What do you say boy?/Ladidada… Alright/She makes her way through every room/Then says, don’t you ever wish you could leave this tomb/You shake your head, she takes your hand/Then says, try some of this boy you’ll understand/And oh, how you stagger as you fall upon the floor/Singing ladidada…/She takes a seat down by your side/Crosses her legs, gives you a smile/And says, hey man, you feeling alright?/You think that’s great, well hold on tight/Cause oh, how you stagger as she pulls you from the floor/Singing ladidada…/And then she whispers/Hey man I’ll make you feel alright /If you help me through the night/What do you say boy?/Ladidada… Alright/You wake up to morning light/You reach for her, she’s out of sight/The bed is cold, the sheets are made/On the side you could have sworn she laid/And oh, how you wonder when she walked out of the door signing ladidada…