1. Scratches

From the recordings Scratches and Scratches

(Release date: August 18, 2023)
Song written & composed by Chanelle Albert & the Easy Company. © 2023
Chanelle Albert - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and keys
Andrew Gagnon - drums
Jacob Tyler - bass
Josh Myre - electric guitar

Music produced by Billy Bruhmuller.
Mastered by Kristian Montano (Montano Mastering).
Music video directed by Shawn Kosmo.


Get low, get high, if you’re down to play
Dig a little deeper, come on get it straight
You’re so concerned about the rules you made
Give a little push, see if they bend or break

You’ll never see the way I feel
When you leave me feeling lonely and you’re standing near
Come on and show me something real
And I wish I could kiss the pain away

Get in real close. You know I’m down to play
Try a little harder. Come on, go insane
I came here for you so let me set you straight
Give a little push, see if I bend or break

I wanna see, the way you kneel
Run your fingers down my body if you want someone to feel
Come on and show me something real
And I wish I could kiss the pain away

Get low, get high. Yeah, I’m still down to play
I dug a little deep. Now, I don’t feel the same
I bent so far, I thought I had to break
Gave a little push. I guess that’s all it takes

I thought I found a way to deal
With the scratches on the surface but they started to peel
So, I picked at all the edges only to reveal
That I opened up a soar, now, I can’t conceal
And it’s oozing with the anger that I can’t keep sealed
Should I tear myself to shreds or should I let it heal
Does anybody feel the way I feel?
Just remember it’s a scratch. Now, it’s no big deal
I never want to make you feel the way I feel
And I wish I could kiss the pain away