From the recording 22nd Century Beautiful People

Song lyrics written by Chanelle Albert. Music composed by Chanelle Albert, Andrew Gagnon, Josh Myre, and Jacob Tyler.

Chanelle Albert (vocals, keys, electric guitar), Andrew Gagnon (drums), Josh Myre (electric guitar, acoustic guitar), Jacob Tyler (bass).


In the darkest and finest of my hours / Just when I thought I wouldn’t want to get much higher / Could I damn all the love I’ve made with demons of desire? / After all, they’re the ones who sparked the fire / That lit the flame for the beauty I’ve admired / And through my shame, I have sought a higher power / Could I damn all the gods I’ve made of figures who inspire? / After all, they led me through the fire / I let it rage till I smoked out all the liars / And through the haze, I was burnt out, cold, and tired / Could I damn all the love I gave to throw into the pyre? / After all, I’m the one who fed the fire