1. Wasted Ways

From the recording 22nd Century Beautiful People

Song lyrics written by Chanelle Albert. Music composed by Chanelle Albert, Andrew Gagnon, Josh Myre, and Jacob Tyler.

Chanelle Albert (vocals, keys, electric guitar), Andrew Gagnon (drums), Josh Myre (electric guitar, acoustic guitar), Jacob Tyler (bass).


Feeling bent by another day / With the weight of my wasted ways / Who’s to say it’s wrong when the night’s feeling long / And old habits are hard to sway? / Hey / Feeling spent is the price I pay / For the games that I love to play / Who’s to say it’s wrong / When you’re turning me on / And there’s nothing left in our way? / Hey, hey / Hey, hey hey / Ouuu… / There’s this feeling I hide / When I catch a gleam in your eyes / No, I can’t explain it. There’s no need to try / I see beauty in sorrow, and truth in disguise / Yes, my soul is my pride / I swear I’m wasting no one’s time / I just needed to hide / Just for a while / Feeling safe is no way to play / Feeling strange isn’t bad per se / You can say I’m wrong / But my head is too strong / And my heart is too proud to sway / Hey, hey, / Hey, hey, hey / Ouuu… / There’s this feeling I hide / When I catch that gleam in your eye / No, I can’t forget it. I don’t even try / I have wrapped up my sorrow in beauty’s disguise / All I have is my pride / I swear, I’m wasting no more time / I need nowhere to hide / I spoke my mind / Feeling light as I end the day / With the words I could never say / I’ll just sing my songs / Till the words come out wrong / And that’s all that I have to say